History: February 29
February 29

1504 Columbus uses a lunar eclipse to frighten hostile Jamaican Indians.

1692 Salem Witch Trials: Sarah Good and Tituba, an Indian servant, are accused of witchcraft, in Salem.

1692 Birth: Edward Cave, in England, printer; Gentlemen's Magazine.

1704 The town of Deerfield, Massachusetts is raided by French Canadians and Indians who are trying to retrieve their church bell that had been shipped from France. The bell was to hang in the Canadian Indian's village church. Neither the raiders nor the residents of Deerfield are aware that the bell had been stolen from the ship. The Deerfield folks had purchased the bell from a privateer, unaware that it belonged to the Indian congregation. 47 people are killed in the incident.

1728 Birth: Robert Bage, English writer; Criticism by Peter Faulkner.

1736 Birth: Anna Lee, in Manchester, England, founder of the Shaker movement in America.

1784 The Marquis de Sade is transferred from Vincennes fortress to the Bastille.

1784 Birth: Franz K.L. von Klenze, German architect; Hermitage, St Petersburg.

1792 Birth: Karl Ernst von Baler, in Russia, naturalist; discovered human ovum.

1796 Jay's Treaty is proclaimed.

1832 Charles Darwin visits Bahia, Brazil.

1840 Birth: John Philip Holland, in Ireland, American-based inventor and submarine pioneer.

1848 Neufchatel declares independence from Switzerland.

1852 Death: John Landseer, British printer, engraver for the Royal Academy.

1860 Birth: Herman Hollerith, inventor of the first electric tabulating machine, the forerunner of the calculator.

1880 The Gotthard railway tunnel between Switzerland and Italy opens.

1892 Britain and the US sign a treaty on seal hunting in the Bering Sea.

1896 Birth: Omer C.F.L. Tulippe, Belgian geographer.

1900 Birth: Edna Swithenbank Manley, Jamaican sculptor.

1904 In Washington, DC, a seven-man commission is created to hasten the construction of the Panama Canal.

1904 Birth: Adolph Blaine Charles David Earl Frederick Gerald Hubert Irvin John Kenneth Lloyd Martin Nero Oliver Paul Quincy Randolph Sherman Thomas Uncas Victor William Xerxes Yancy Zeus Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenber, Sr., near Hamburg, Germany. One Christian name for each letter of the alphabet.

1920 Miklos Horthy de Nagybanya becomes the Regent of Hungary just six months after leading a counterrevolution.

1928 Death: Armando V. Diaz, Italian marshal, minister of War (1922-24).

1932 There is a failed coup attempt by the fascist Lapua-motion in Finland.

1936 Franklin D. Roosevelt signs a second neutrality act.

1936 Church and Reich: Cardinal Hlond declares in a public letter that "It is true that the Jews are committing frauds, practicing usury, and dealing in white slavery. It is true that in schools, the influence of Jewish youth upon Catholic youth is generally evil, from a religious and ethical point of view. But let us be just. Not all Jews are like that. One does well to prefer his own kind in commercial dealings and to avoid Jewish stores and Jewish stalls in the markets, but it is not permissible to demolish Jewish businesses, break windows, torpedo their houses..." (Lewy)

1944 WW2: The invasion of the Admiralty Islands begins as US General Douglas MacArthur leads his forces in 'Operation Brewer.' Troops surge onto Los Negros, following a month of Allied advances in the Pacific.

1944 WW2: The Office of Defense Transportation, for the second year, restricts attendance at the Kentucky Derby to residents of the Louisville area to prevent a railroad traffic burden during wartime.

1956 An Islamic Republic is established in Pakistan.

1956 President Eisenhower announces he will seek a second term of office.

1960 President John F. Kennedy makes the 'missile gap' a presidential campaign issue.

1964 The Lockheed SR-71 'Blackbird' 2,000mph warplane, has its first public showing.

1964 President Lyndon B. Johnson reveals that the US has secretly developed the A-11 jet fighter.

1972 The US Justice Department had recently settled an antitrust lawsuit in favor of International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation. Newspaper columnist, Jack Anderson reveals on this day a memo written by ITT's Washington lobbyist, Dita Beard, that connects ITT's funding of part of the Republican National Convention with the resulting lawsuit settlement.

1988 New York City Mayor Koch characterizes President Reagan a 'Wimp' in the war on drugs.

1988 A Nazi document implicates Kurt Waldheim in WW2 deportations.

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